Honeywell Avionics

Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company:
  • Avionics Systems design for advanced spacecraft and Launch Vehicles
  • Avionics Requirements Derivation and Definition for CEV Contract
    • Avionics System Specification
    • Avionics to CEV Vehicle ICD
    • Internal Avionics IRD
    • Systems Engineering and planning for Pad Abort Demonstration
  • Systems Engineering support for AIS ARES I-X Contract
    • Avionics Design Requirements Document
    • Systems Engineering, Structural Requirements
    • Safety and Hazard Analysis
    • Circuit and Wiring design and Layout
  • LM and AFRL IVHM Contract Support
    • Systems Engineering and Mission Timeline Definition
    • Event visualization and graphics generation
    • Data Acquisition, Control and Health Management (DACHM) Definition and Specification
  • Simulation and Integration Laboratory specification and design
Curtiss-Wright Controls Embedded Computing:
  • Develop Avionics Systems, box and board architectures for multiple applications
    • VMS and Flight Control
    • High speed communications, Video processing, Power controllers
    • Radar and Sensor processing
    • COTS and Custom designs
AiTech Defense Systems:
  • Develop System and Box level Specifications
  • Lead Requirement Verification Task
Honeywell Space Division:
  • Spacecraft avionics architecture definition
  • Advanced Technology planning and Analysis
Honeywell Avionics
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